Haviv Moreno Ltd  is a family company that has been established 50 years ago by our founding father. Along the way, he was joined by his son and 2 daughters that, side by side, continue his vision and pursue his passion to creation of exquisite diamonds.

Our Founder has been one of the very first members of the Israeli Diamond Bourse, who started his way, being young and passionate about the stones.  His passion and joy of creation was fully revealed in bringing a polished diamond into being, from the rough rock. Our Founder’s niche in the diamond industry has always been manufacture of fine makes, and so it is in the present day.

Since the day the company was born, we have constantly expanded into International markets, following the trends and searching for constant renewal.

We relentlessly work on new ideas. In ever changing jewellery world, where bespoke orders strongly overtake stock demands, Haviv Moreno Ltd has been successfully occupying its niche as Bespoke Diamond Producers. Whether it is a diamond shape that only exists in the designer’s imagination, a CAD or a replacement of an unusual stone, we love the challenge.

Our intentions are: full customer's satisfaction and rapid turnaround.

We pay special and unconditional attention to ethical sourcing of raw diamond material – all our sources will have an up to date Kimberley Certificate, so will our polished goods.


Haviv Moreno Ltd specialty is in creation of the following fancy shapes: Princess/Emerald/Radiant/Cushion/Asscher/Baguette/Carre/Marquise/Pear/Oval cuts in D-J colours IF-SI2 clarities, well made goods, effortlessly matched.

We start from the smallest calibrated sizes in Princess cuts & Baguettes and go up to 2.0-2.5Ct in GIA certificated stones.


Our Side Stones Division is famous in production of perfectly matched pairs of side stones, e.g. Tapers/Trapezes/Bullets/Half Moons/Kites/Shields/Calf Cuts/Cadillacs etc’. These are made according to full customer’s dimensions and specifications.


In the recent years we have introduced to our clientele a modern and urban shape, that retains the charm and authenticity of its traditional origin – French Cut. This shape is particularly suitable for channel setting, Eternity and Half-Eternity rings that allow it to demonstrate its full beauty and lustre.

Overall, our Very Good and Excellent make goods have been highly valued by our friends and customers in the diamond and jewellery trade, globally.

Our motto is: "Treat Your Craft With Love!"

Our family has a warm place for you that, we are confident, you will both enjoy and benefit from.